Out and About on the Golf Course

Many men and women love nothing better than getting out on the golf course to play a few rounds, not only does this fascinating sport offer the chance to show off your driving and putting skills but it also offers the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air along with benefiting from plenty of exercise.

For newcomers to golf, the sport can be a little daunting at first, you may ask yourself what kind of golf clubs do I need, what should I wear, which golf course should I try, thankfully there are fantastic websites on the internet that offer answers to these and many other queries, so click online to find out more. Golf provides a great way to meet like-minded people who like nothing better than a game then a drink and a chat in the club house where players discuss their experiences, offer each other tips and advice while generally having an enjoyable time. After a busy week at work there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a game of golf to get rid of the cobwebs, be in a different environment as well as meeting up with friends old and new. How about a golfing holiday? Lots of amateur golfers take the chance to combine their favourite sport with a vacation abroad where golf courses are manicured to perfection, you can play in year round sunshine including getting a fabulous tan out on the course.

If you prefer to stay at home there’s a huge choice of greens available wherever you happen to live, players are sure to be welcomed in any golf club no matter what their handicap is. As the saying goes practice makes perfect, so don’t be put off if one day you play badly, keep your chin up and just go for it.

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Look the Part and Sharpen up your Game

The game of golf is one of the world’s major sports enjoyed by thousands of players in many different countries, it appeals to people of all ages and sexes who like nothing more than getting out onto a golf course and enjoying this fascinating pastime, of course golf is now covered worldwide with many major golf championships being transmitted live on TV which makes the game all the more appealing.

Part of the appeal of golf is the equipment used and the attire worn from hats to jumpers, shoes to gloves, golf players enjoy looking the part and feeling the part by purchasing well-made and branded named clubs, balls, caddies and tees. Why not check out reputable online companies that provide and sell a huge variety of golfing products which are affordable and easy to order online?

Golf is so popular that there are now golfing boot camps which provide the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and training methods that will improve your game while impressing the competition. This type of golfing setup offers effective short game solutions in putting, chipping, pitching as well as sand play which is often needed when players mishit shots that end up in the bunker. To get a better feel of the game of golf there’s nothing better than learning from the professionals many of whom have successfully won prestigious golfing competitions around world famous golf courses.

To benefit from playing techniques look at how ex pros have played the game and are still taking part in charity matches which attract spectators from around the world who enjoy taking part and watching the fascinating spectacle of golf. Professional golfing instructors can help you control your drive to improve distance and accuracy off the tee while you get a feel for the game to become a more successful player.

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From the Ground up with Ecco Footwear

Reliable golf shoes are extremely important to most golfers who play the game on a daily or even regular basis, Ecco golf shoes for instance are comfortable, strong and waterproof. They also make a fashion statement to other players on the golf course as well as providing the player with better balance and stability especially when teeing off, after all a golf swing is about transferring weight from left to right. Stylish golf shoes such as Ecco have grips on the bottom that help the golfer maintain his or her position so they can execute their shot well.

As any discerning golfer knows one of the most important places that golf shoes come into play is in the bunker, rules state that players are not allowed to ground their club or take a practice shot when in the sand therefore it can be difficult for any golfer to maintain their balance on this particular surface.

This is where Ecco golf shoes come into their own. They are durable and manufactured with a breathable textile lining having micro-fibre heel grips which are ideal for surfaces such as sand and grass, this particular make of golfing footwear is available for both men and women as well as children who are keen to take up the game of golf. Naturally Ecco golf shoes will also keep your feet dry while playing a round of golf, perfect for those who enjoy a morning game when the dew is still on the grass.

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Choosing Irons to Improve your Game

No matter what your golf skill level is choosing the proper set of irons can not only help your overall game but also your golf score. There are many different types of shafts and heads to choose from for instance Mizuno and Taylormade both of which are equally impressive, however the choice depends on the individual. There’s a lot to think about when comparing irons, it depends on how you want your golf irons to perform and what areas of your game need to be improved on, so how about selecting different combinations of irons until you find the product that suits you best.

Irons are available with oversized heads, midsize and traditional blade style heads, according to golfing professionals oversized heads are better for beginners while advanced players can benefit from midsize and traditional iron heads. Of course when choosing golfing irons such as Mizuno or Taylormade do consider the amount of flex you will need in the shaft of the iron, for example extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior or ladies, faster swings work better with stiffer shafts while for slower players a flexible shaft should improve their hitting distance.

Check out the Mizuno range of irons that provide standard grips which are perfect for versatility, feel and durability while Tour Velvet is considered to be the original and the best, a great grip for all round traction including reliability. Taylormade irons can be custom fitted and are suitable for beginners as well as accomplished players who like nothing better than getting the best out of their game. These particular types of golf clubs incorporate the best in ICT technology for the ultimate performance while setting a benchmark for other branded name irons to follow.

There’s plenty of useful online information regarding Mizuno and Taylormade irons, however in the end it all comes down to personal preference along with budget. Why not spend some time reading online customer testimonials concerning what other golfers think about Mizuno and Taylormade clubs, this is the ideal way to help you make up your mind before placing an order.

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Revolutionary Callaway Drivers

For the best in golf clubs look no further than Callaway drivers which are light, fast and very strong. Callaway drivers are considered to be revolutionary in design due to being manufactured from unique materials which have been proven to help players drive an extra eight yards, they are perfect for players who want speed along with pinpoint accuracy in their game.

This particular product is weight adjustable which doesn’t affect the performance of the club so players can tune in the perfect setting to hit the ball with accuracy over long distances. Designs are sleek and have adjustable face angles in three positions which are open, square or closed by using a torque wrench. Callaway drivers are perfect for higher ball speeds with their aerodynamic contours which reduce energy loss from drag during down swings, why not place an order today and see for yourself how they can improve your overall game? Of course to get the best deals shop online for Callaway drivers especially via recommended suppliers of golf clubs, balls, clothing and accessories.

If you wish to know more about Callaways why not speak with a friendly member of staff who will be more than happy to discuss the various drivers for sale suited for your particular game. The great news is that Callaway drivers can be custom fit to your own specifications on request and with many other fabulous products on special offer there’s no better time than the present to place your order.

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The Written and Unwritten Rules of Golf

Golf etiquette is something that you must learn when you want to play golf. If you’re joining a club for the first time or switching to a new one, the rules are generally the same and it’s important to understand what to do and how to act on the course.

The 90 degree rule is used to stop golf carts causing damage to the fairway. You turn off the cart path by 90 degrees to where your ball lies and this makes it the shortest route to your next shot. Another rule is the “cart only path”, which is to keep the carts away from the lush grass and stop any damage. This keeps the course looking great and acting the way it should when it comes to bounces and taking your next shot. As the environment of a golf course needs to stay consistent and be regularly maintained, following these two rules ensures that the golfing experience is the same for everyone.

Driving a cart is just like driving any other vehicle. You should be calm, make way for others, be aware of what is going on around you and be respectful to other golfers who are lining up their next shot. Stay away from wet grass as it is more easily damaged with a cart, and keep clear of bunkers, grass mounds, tee decks and greens. Even though golf carts are almost silent, any change in the golfer’s peripheral vision can ruin their swing and shot so keep this in mind when you’re travelling around the course.

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Why Ecco Golf Shoes Stand Out From the Rest

Although there are many other golf shoe makers out there, such as Callaway, Nike and Adidas, Ecco golf shoes have long-since been the key players in the golfing world. With their efforts in producing quality, varying models and sizes, as well as comfortable golf shoes they back up that reputation with actual results time and time again.

Over the years that Ecco golf shoes have been sold, they consistently show their durability and reliability on the golf course. Being able to withstand lots of walking, yet have the stability and traction for straight forward or awkward shots, and backing those features up with supreme comfort, there is little doubt that Ecco golf shoes are currently the best in the business, and have been for some time.

Sporting Tri-sport Eclipse cleats, you have the most comfortable grip and stability you need for big drives, yet the shock absorbing mid-sole helps with the comfort for walking and standing. Buying any footwear depends on the size and shape of your feet, but with Ecco golf shoes they come in an array of sizes including those for broader feet, and many golfers feel that their game improves from the added traction and comfort that they provide. It’s rare that one brand could fit the needs of a variety of different people and golfers, but the Ecco golf shoes do just that.

If you’re after some new golfing footwear that is reliable, comfortable, strong, durable and provides extra traction and stability, then Ecco Street Golf Shoes should definitely be on your short list. Try some out and see how they fair on the fairways.

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The “Broomstick” Long Putter Becomes More Popular

Just as the double-handed backhand in tennis became popular in the mid-80s, the long putter, belly or chin putter is making headway in the golfing world. Brad Faxon is the most-known golfer for using a long putter after his years of playing with a normal size putter, but made the switch as it gives a little more control throughout the whole putting movement.

Ernie Els is also making the switch to the long putter to try and rekindle some silverware from yesteryear and having missed a couple of easy puts that would have seen him in the Frys.Com Open, he’s taken a stand for his short game. While some, including Ernie, think the long putter isn’t completely legal or in-keeping with the game of golf, it’s definitely handy and can bring a new wave of composure to his game and obviously others.

Some feel that it the “Sam Torrence” putter is too far gone to be made illegal and that if everyone else is “cheating” then they should follow suit. The general consensus is that for short to medium puts, the longer shaft is ideal for keeping control of the ball, weight and swing thanks to the pendulum effect it brings. For longer puts, many find that the belly putter is less effective for distances of 20ft+ but that could be down to the closed peripheral effect that a belly putter has it is naturally brings your head down. As far as the legality is concerned, the tungsten steel head screws and fibreglass shafts have changed the way we play golf now, so what is a few feet on the end of your putter?

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Basic Golf Equipment for a Round of Golf

Golfing equipment can range dramatically in price and performance, and there are so many different products and accessories available that you can have in your golf bags that it can be a bit confusing and daunting. So what is the basic equipment you should have in your golf bags this spring?

A typical golf bag will consist of clubs (1 driver, 2 woods, 2 wedges, and a putter), golf balls, wooden tees, some pencils, some small coins to use as a ball marker, a jacket, sunscreen, and a towel. It all sounds fairly straight forward, right? Well it certainly doesn’t have to be confusing. What brand of club should I buy? How much should I spend on each club? What type of club is right for me? Here are some basic clubs a regular golfer might like to have in their golf bags this coming season.

The driver, also known as the wood, is the club used to tee off at each hole. The driver has the lowest loft of all woods and offers the greatest distance and lowest height. Nike’s SQ MachSpeed STR8-FIT driver is a great driver for the average golfer. Retailing at under £200 this driver features aerodynamic engineering for greater speed through the air, STR8-FIT adjustability for the gaining the distance you need, and the Tour proven square stability technology for great responsiveness and accuracy on impact.

The next golf clubs required are woods, and the most common are the 3 wood and the 5 wood. A wood is a club used to hit long distances, with a large head. Although called a ‘wood’ the clubs these days are usually made from steel. Woods have differing angles at which they hit the ball, in general the lower the height of the ball, the further distance it will travel. A 3 wood has a loft of between 15-18 degrees, and a 5 wood has a loft of between 20-22 degrees. The Mizuno JPX800 collection is a great range of woods. They offer Mizuno’s Ultimate Dynamic Stability technology giving greater accuracy and ball speed on your long drive, no matter if you hit the sweet spot directly or not. They also feature a bevelled leading edge meaning you have maximum club head speed across the turf.

A small selection of wedges are required, the most used wedges are a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge. Wedges are similar to irons, but are more specialised for specific shots required. The pitching wedge offers the lowest loft angle of all the wedges. The sand wedge is self explanatory; it is used to get out of a sand bunker. A lob wedge offers a greater loft angle of around 60 degrees. Cobra’s Big Trusty Rusty wedges are a great set of wedge golf clubs at a very reasonable price, under £100 per wedge. They are made with 100% raw unplated stainless steel which is designed to rust with time and use offering a more improved feel. They are specifically designed for maximum spin and forgiveness.

Last, but certainly not least is the putter. The Letter’s Golden Goose 3 putter is available to purchase for under a £100 and with its highly complex milling process to create the face pattern means the ball rolls accurately off the face plate, giving you the maximum in control of distance and accuracy of shot.

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Top budget golf destinations for the New Year

Winter is a great time to take a cheap golf holiday with many courses around the world still basking in sunshine and bargains to be had with both flights and accommodation. So if you got a new set of clubs for Christmas or your New Year’s resolution was to finally get that handicap down then you’ll be thinking about booking a golf break in the New Year.

So here are some of the best places in the world to get away from it all in the New Year and perfect your swing. There’s something to suit all styles whether you’re after sun-drenched courses or classic links play…

Northwest Ireland

Never too hot and rarely too cold, even in winter, Ireland is always a stunning place to play golf and Northwest Ireland remains the cheapest place to stay and play. For a more authentic experience of Ireland consider staying in a smaller, family-owned Irish inn or bed & breakfast. There are plenty dotted around Ireland’s golf courses and you’ll be able to appreciate the famous Irish hospitality at its best.

Check out Carne Golf Links (also known as Belmullet), a world class links course. Located in the far north-west of Ireland and framed by the Atlantic Ocean this spectacular course charges just €35 a day green fees during January and February.

Established in 1895, Galway Golf Club is another special course on which to perfect your game. Green fees are just €30 and for that you’ll be able to enjoy 18 challenging holes accompanied by lovely views over parts of Galway Bay.

Jacksonville, Florida

Known as Florida’s ‘First Coast of Golf’, Jacksonville in Northeast Florida is one of the best places in the States to play golf. It isn’t as warm as south Florida, but temperatures are never uncomfortably cold plus off-season weather brings cheaper golf and there are cheap lodging options aplenty. With more than 30 golf courses to choose from in a 75-mile stretch it’s fair to say that Jacksonville is a true golfer’s paradise!

Try The Champions Club at Julington Creek, carved into beautiful Florida wetland it winds through majestic woods and lakes offering challenging play for all abilities. If you play during the week in twilight hours (after 5pm) then rates are as low as $28.

Windsor Park Golf Club is located only minutes from Jacksonville International Airport and features sculpted, rolling fairways and dramatic elevations, things you would expect from a championship course. However you may not expect the excellent prices, play after 3pm on a Sunday and you’ll pay just $34.

The Algarve

Widely regarded as the hidden gem of European golf, Portugal continues to grow in popularity for golfing breaks thanks to its great choice of courses and year round good weather. There is also plenty of accommodation options and plenty of cheap flights to and from the UK. The Algarve in particular is becoming as synonymous with golf breaks as it is for beach holidays, you could even combine the two to keep the whole family happy!

No golfing trip to the Algarve is complete without a round on Quinta de Cima, a championship-style course of great character. Running throughout the stunning layout is a series of lakes connected by a stream which the architect has skilfully incorporated as an added challenge to all who play here. Twilight golf is available daily from 2pm for just €50 and they also offer an unlimited golf package with a stay at the Robinson Club Quinta da Ria Hotel from €489 per person.

As soon as the architect of Vale de Pinta golf club saw the land on which the course was to be built he declared it “God given” for golf. A challenging course for golfers of all standards, Vale de Pinta has rightfully earned its place as one of the best designed courses in Europe. Green fees are agreeable too costing €65 for a round you’ll never forget.

Belek, Turkey

Turkey may not be the first destination you think of when it comes to golf but it has a growing reputation amongst golfing enthusiasts thanks to some spectacular courses and an extraordinarily benign climate, even in low season. Belek is definitely the place to head to as it’s only 45 minutes from Antalya airport so easily accessible for those who want to jump straight from the plane to the fairway. Consider an all-inclusive package where all drinks and meals are included; your hotel should be happy to book tee times for you as well as offering great discounts.

LykiaLinks Antalya is a real work of art, full of undulating dunes and commanding views of the Mediterranean Sea. Beware the prevailing winds on the four holes on the coastline though, they call for a truly Scottish-style ‘punch and run’ repertoire of shots!

Not for the faint-hearted, Sueno’s Pines Course is a serious challenge. Long holes and tight fairways require an expert touch and with the whole course being heavily wooded be prepared to lose a ball or two.

Canary Islands

Wherever you travel to in the Canary Islands you’ll enjoy a fantastic climate and, perhaps more importantly, plenty of opportunities to improve your handicap. There are plenty of travel agents providing cheap golf holidays in the Canary Islands by combining the best quality green fees with affordable accommodation and car hire. Here are two courses that you simply must try:

Tecina is one of the most spectacular courses in the Canary Islands, occupying a sensational cliff top setting within a former banana plantation on the south side of the small island of La Gomera. The truly unique aspect of Tecina is that it plays like a ski slope, descending a steep slope which gives the golfer an experience of almost continuous descent.

Or you could try Maspalomas on Gran Canaria. The course sits next to the busy resort of Playa del Ingles with a spectacular undulating sea of sand dunes situated between the fairways and the coastline.

As well as researching the destination, it is important to look into the additional costs associated with golf holidays. Will it be cheaper to hire clubs out there or would it be better to bring your own? Airline charges for additional items such as golf clubs can be confusing and misleading which is why Purple Parking has compiled the golf baggage allowances of the most popular airlines. The page also contains an infographic on how to pack your golf clubs safely so that you protect your clubs from any damage whilst they are transported.

If you choose to take your golf clubs away with you remember to book your parking in advance for the most competitive rates. Purple Parking has competitive rates when flying from some of the most popular airports, such as Heathrow.

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